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Sierra HD bumper swap-help

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I took the front bumper off my 2009 1500 and was ready to do the HD swap.

I read all about the Silverado swap and assumed (stupid, I know) the bumpers/brackets were the same...well they're not! So my 1500 bumper went back on.

I found one thread about having to cut the bracket on the actual bumper bracket and rewelding it. I have been searching and searching to see if there is a way to do the swap without welding. I have read different guys saying they "slotted" the 1500 brackets but i just dont see how that would work. There isnt much bracket left to slot.

I would like to keep my 1500 upper cap as well since i dont watn to do the HD grill.

Can someone help me out with a picture or even directions on how to slot the Sierra brackets?

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My truck is an 09, the HD bumper is from an 11. The bumpers are not the same from 99 to 13.
I just trimmed the bracket that bolts to the frame so that it could sit lower. Then using the side supports I opened up the holes that go to the truck frame so the sides have support still.
Okay, I'm a complete idiot because this still doesnt make sense to me. There doesnt seem to be enough metal on the bracket to trim away in order to allow the bumper to move down to meet the cap.

Are you saying to trim the bracket where I put the red U shapes in this pic?

Wanna head south about 5 hours and help me out? lol
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Hey 2001HD6.0 and Graystone, I'f I'd have just put NNBS on this thread it would have avoided all of the bad!
Okay, thanks...looks like i just need to get working on it.

When you say "then on the front part im pretty sure I trimmed so it could sit down lower", you mean you cut the 1500 bracket so it would fit into the HD bumper, right? I will need to cut the rounded part on the bracket, I think. This is the same that needs to be done on the Silverado-if I understand you correctly.

THANKS for the help. Hopefully I have my HD bumper on the truck come Sunday!
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