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silverado with removed load leaf spring pics?

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anyone have a pic of a silverado or sierra with a 2 inch lowering shackle and a load spring or leaf spring removed wanna see how it looks
i dont care about the ride
i got 305/40/r23 and think it will hit in the back i already have 2 inch shackles and clamped the leaf springs but want it way lower in the back

pics pleaseeeeeee
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narrow your rear end???


but really I rode without my overloads in my old Extended Cab and it rode like shit til I got helper bags.

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Mine from back in the day. It didn't bottom out or ride too bad but the axle wrap was a PITA.


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I ran a 285-50-20 which is a hair smaller than your tire on a 4" rear drop and my tires never hit... The bump stops would hit the axel keeping the tire and fenders just a half inch apart...

NEVER do hangers... PITA for a so little drop... Removed leafs springs suck... Especially with all the big dips you have driving around Chino... You'll hate it...

I think I've seen your truck running around a couple times... where around chino do you reside?
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