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single cab center console w/ audio?

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I just bought a stock 03 silverado in feb 07, single cab short bed 2wd. ive already installed the belltech 4" drop kit, rollpan, mirrors, speed grille, 22" rims, tonneau cover, exhaust, etc.

i use to own some blazers, so im use to a lot of room to throw my system in. since what i have wont really fit too well anywhere except the bed, i want to rip out my center console this summer and maybe putting a 12 or 10" sub. my problem is i dont want just a little something, i usually like it retarded loud. so 2 10 or 12" subs in little truck boxes wont cut it behind the seats.

i figure this summer im going to rip out the stock rubber floor, add in carpet, dynamat the whole cab, get all new components and amp them, then do the center console idea. anyone have the same problem and have made a center console with some subs in it?
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A buddy of mine took his jump seat out and sit a car box with 2 12's with a 1000-watt amp(not sure of the brand) on each sub.. It was stupid loud...

You could do something like this, but just put them in a fiberglass center console..

Personally, I have two 12's behind the seat in two small truck boxes, and they do just fine for me..
the system i have now that im trying to sell is a kicker kx 1200.1 that runs 1505W RMS @ 1 ohm. then i got a brand new kicker L7 15" D2VC @ 1 ohm in a custom made built to spec g-force box. the 15" is a little too big to go between the seats, i was thinking about selling it all and just running a 10" W7 with a JL 500/1 but i could also keep my amp and throw a 10" kicker solo X at it, but id need atleast 3 cu ft. i wanted to get the ext cab center console and fiberglass the rear cupholders and ac vents and paint it to match the truck, then maybe throw a 10" behind my seats, but i think a custom center console would be better, even though id probably lose the storage space.
I have 2 down firing mtx 7500 10's in my center console. I can post pics if you like but it doesn't show the subs. I'll post them if you like.
Its nothing special and it needs a paint job. But like I said it holds my 2 10s and my switch box. I hope to finally have it painted in the next couple of months.

This shows the rest of it and the amp racks I had. I took them out and building somehting else to gain the leg room those made me loose.
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thanks man, looks good. i wish i had ur interior, i love those seats, and i also wish i had the 5-speed. oh well. i started a lil project today. since behind our seats isnt level, i took a piece of wood and cut it to go across the back, screwed in some supports, and put 2 coats of fiberglass resin on it. tomorrow when i get out of work ill sand it down and prep it for paint. i hear the fiberglass resin trick works well in order to get a nice finish to it. then i can mount some subs or whatever back there.
oh btw, is ur truck notched in the back? i want mine lower, i was thinking baggs, but i dont want to cut out my front wheel wells or c-notch the back. still want to use my bed to throw my jetski in and what not. i was thinking doing the bag over leaf in the rear so when i put the jetski in, i dont bottom out, but if i can do bags, id do that. i hear the airbar system doesnt lower that much, even tho its claimed to drop up to 14".
go 2 his cardomain and look at his pics. he did a shallow notch and kept his bed
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