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Very good guy to deal with, he hooked me up after the tail light poll i had posted with the lights that everyone had chosen. He shipped them last thursday and got them this thursday. He answered all my questions when i bugged the shit out of him.
plus hes got a cool escalade :rocking:

:waytogo: :waytogo: two thumbs up to this cat :read:

the only troubles i had was...opening the damn box...he taped the shit out of it :crazy:
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just now saw this. thanks guys. :shake:
yeah right that exkalaid is lame :imo ..............................................

:anitoof: No its not. :anitoof:

I love it and i love him in a non gay way! Jake
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damn, i think i got the wrong scent Axe spray or something. first brock wanting to sleep in the back of my truck with me, and now you loving me... :gay: :roflmao:
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