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Small mufflers?

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I need 2 small 2.75" inlet/outlet preferred 2.5" acceptable mufflers. Like less than 10" long. I'm looking at the Flowmaster Delta Force race mufflers but man there pricey... I need to spend under $100 for both, and I'd like them to be as quiet as a muffler that small can be, any ideas?
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Well I had a single 3 in/out Delta Force Flowmaster single chamber on my old truck and it was actually pretty quiet... It has alot of baffles in it due to it being for drag racing, has to comply with NHRA noise requirements. It was quieter than my previous 40 series 2 chamber. I'd love to run 2 of those but at like 70-80 a piece I can't afford it right now and I need a muffler on my truck! I started the thing a couple days ago with just the cats and good lord!
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