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After the thread with my new wheels and tires, I've had a few people ask me questions on how I did my headlights and turn signals. I apologize in advance for not having process pics, I will repost/revise this when I do the passenger side, since I haven't gotten to that yet.

I was leery about taking them apart and removing the reflectors, as I believe the reflectors serve a purpose. And I hate the way most aftermarket headlights/turns look, so I tried to think of something different.

I bought one of these (good sellers, had the stuff in two days, granted they're only a couple hundred miles away in the same state)

I took my headlights out and brought them inside for a few hours to let them warm up (it was in the mid 20's at the time).

I washed them up good, and followed the instructions that came with the vinyl. Got some soapy water in a spray bottle and went to town.

To get around the corners and the curves, I used a low temp heat gun (actually used one of my wife's scrapbooking tools imagine that) to heat up the vinyl and stretch it over the compound curves. With some patience and a bit of, "dammit that's good enough, no one will ever notice that", I was able to squeegee all of the bubbles out and get them to stick on. I let them dry for 10-15 minutes, and I very carefully trimmed along the parting line that you can see on the corner of the headlight and turnsignal with an Xzacto knife.

These are the best pictures I can get at this time, as it is currently snowing here and has been raining the past two days. But, I will take more pictures of the entire process next time.

It doesn't look the greatest, but for the amount of time and money involved it looks fine to me.




With Flash on


And this is about the only daylight pic that I had, but I tried to trim it down so it focuses on the right area.

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Looks good. I'm gonna try it.
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