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smooth tailgate cap

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will this cover the holes from the big stock tailgate cap?
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yep, you might have to remove the nutserts though.
do you know the brand by any chance or does anyone of them work?
i have one on my truck, i will trade you for the one thats on yours right now
i have 4 holes in my tailgate and the smooth cap
:nopics: :imo
:nopics: :imo
yeah, just wanna see what you are talking about...
i like pictures :supergay:
i dont have any pics of the holes and its basically the same picture as up top but here ya go
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Yea it will cover the holes, but you will have to take out the nutserts like stated above. They stick out too far for the smooth cap to fit right.
how do you get the inserts out my new cap is here and i can't figure out how to get them out?
i did the opposite, i put the one like you had on my truck and just took it to the body shop to get the nutserts put in... i think they charged maybe 5 bucks...

but if you want to sell the other one, let me know...
anyone know?
the threads a drill takes out the rivets

but i think you can just put the cap on over the holes and rivets and it will work
Did you ever figure how to take the nutserts out? I would like to do this also and add the smooth tailgate cap. Without damaging the tailgate. Any help would be appreciated.
Take care, Matt
do u guys have pics of these nut inserts?
i could get some if i had a digi camera
no one
i really wish that white lifted z in the first pic would lose it's flaps...just my 2
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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