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So I was driving around today.

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ive seen those at the local gmc dealer, im 99% sure its a regency. They also come in orange and white i think.
i bet he paid more for the truck than the house
one around here looks to be its twin, but it has stacks!
What's a Regency package? I've tried searching it and looking around, but came up empty handed. From what I've seen, I assume it's a body styling kit? Or is there more?
just has the body stuff and some of the interior like the steering wheel is painted the same color as the outside. Also the Plastic cover under the hood is painted and i belive it comes with a K&N intake and some sort of exhaust. When the dealer had those here they had a msrp around 33k.
theres some dude in Lafayette with one just like that
That's an ugly truck.
here's a regecy the local custom shop owns

of course, it aint stock :crazy:
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there was a red fleetside for sale around here at the dealer, it was gone quick. do they all come with the 4.8L and manual trans?
Theres one around here like that.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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