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So I've started to fix up my truck...

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Hey all, long time reader first (or second) time poster. I have an 02 silverado ext. cab (blue), and it's finally in the shop. I WANT SOME OPINIONS on what else you think I may like to personalize my truck to my taste.

So far I have exhaust, a system, and clear corners.

Mods in progress:
-all new paint (same color) thanks to assholes who key cars :guns:
-a (shaved) roll pan
-flip up liscense plate thingy
-shaved tailgate + holes
-tonneau cover
-escalade handles
-paint-matched around the chrome stock mirrors
-paint-matched grille shell with chrome bowtie and speed grille inserts
-22" Bazo B24 rims in 305/40's
-lowering back 2"
-all new shocks
-window tint

I want a nice daily driver, main thing having my wheels fit SNUG in the wells. while also being able to turn all the way and still have a nice ride. Just something clean, but not too extreme. So what else do you think I should do without going overboard (bagging/raising=no no)


Justin :cheers:
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Definatly a small world. Made a lot of good friends on the net, including on truck web sites. Its really a good opertunity, ive met people that I never would have if it wasnt for forums like this one. The only person I knew on gmfs previous to joining was whifflebat and now aquaman. You may have noticed Im now good friends with many others in my area. If you notice a member in your area I encourage you to meet them, most of the people on here are in fact good people and have at least 1 similar intrest as you do!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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