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Soft Tonno

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Just wondered what kind of soft tonno you guys think is best. I dont have enouph money for a hard one. Thinking about the Extang Tuff Tonno. Does anyone know if these are any good or if there is better ones for the same amount of money?
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I Have looked at all of them and I like the extang the best for the price and quality, I am going to order the one next month...good luck
ive got an extang on my lightning and it holds up pretty good/allows no water in :head:
Hey Im from Indy too :D :D , but anyways, check-mate makes a hard one for only like $350, and its the low profile version. A buddy of mine has one on his longbed S10 and he loves it. But i dont konw how much you are looking to spend. But if you go soft :wank: (ive been waiting to use that one. . . lol) but if you go for a soft one dont spend alot. . . Id go with one of the lowprofile ones, but thats just MO :D where you from by the way?
i have had my extange for 4 years now
its great, i break a snap once in awhile but they are very easliy replaced
i would suggest the tilting one, wish they had that version when i got mine
I think the tilt is like $350, kinda high. Ill check that check mate one. Im from Terre Haute btw
Id just go with somethin thats not to expensive, do you plan on upgrading to fiberglass later on?
I dont think so, cause the soft ones are pretty nice i think. Does anyone know how tuff tonno snaps/seal works?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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