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Sold my Baby Today

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I just sold the first fullsize I ever owned. 97 Z71 GMC Sierra SLT ECSB. Hated to her go. Got $14,500 for her. Oh well, at least I've got an 01 waiting in the wings. Damn I wish I could afford two trucks. :bawl:
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wow, 14,000 for a '97 my buddy has been lookin at buyin a full size and he's finding '98 4x4's ecsb for less than 9000

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Sevenfold said:
....That is a damn good price.
:word: That is a really good price IMO. It must have been in great shape.
Sucks about being able to have 2 trucks but Oh well, that 01 is going to be nice :read:

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Lets see, First and fore most, it slept in the garage. I can't tell you what this does for your paint. None of that oxidizing shit you get every time it rains. Very few minor scratches. Otherwise the paint really does look brand new. 65,000 miles, not my daily driver. Color matched Rhino Liner. Statix front brakes. FIPK. Few other little goodies like wired up for towing like the new trucks come stock, Diamond plate rail caps and full tail gate protector.
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