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Some new pics

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yea thats a roll royce phantom. I figured no one wanted to really see more pics of my truck
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bcubed said:
Rolls ain't really my thing . it's nice and all ... I want that garage, lol ... NICE ... :worship:
8 car garage... you should see the other cars in it. 911 turbo, a new CL 600, the red rolls drop top, the phantom, CLK 55, M3, Rolls stretch limo, X5 4.6i, and then the crappiest car they own, a 328I. I think they had another rolls sedan, but i haven't seen it in awhile.
Jeff said:
is it a coincidence that all the R's on the wheel line up perfectly?

that garage kicks ass
they are designed that the R's never leave that position. Its freaky to see them when the car is moving.

i'd personally take the car over the garage... but thats just me...
lol that isn't my garage... its my friend's house. Its the biggest house here, everything is over the top.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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