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Some Pics of my '03

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Here's some pics of my '03 for ya'll. They're old photos taken the week after I bought her back in September... haven't had time to take any new ones since, but not much else has been done to her either. Got the lowering kit on the way. I'll post some more after I get the drop kit installed.
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Looks good man can't wait to see it with the drop.
nice clean lookin ride. Should look awesome when it gets lowered :head:
Nice ride! What's your future plans?
03Carbondogg said:
Nice ride! What's your future plans?

Thanks man...

Future plans include a 2/4 drop as soon as the kit arrives, and eventually some new wheels and audio system.
it is takin me a while but im slowly warming up to the new chevy front ends
still...nice truck!
Nice ride. :head2: Can't wait to see it with the drop installed.
nice truck man, will look good when it's dropped, I'm getting ready to put a 4/6 on my 03
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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