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Before I bought the 2500HD, I had a 2000 ZR2 4x4.

I have a few left over NEW parts...

Parts fit a +/- 2000 S-10 ZR2 4x4

These are OEM parts
Fuel pump Module---I paid $700 for it, yours for $500 OBO --MUST GO!!!

A/C Compressor -- I paid $600, yours for $450 OBO

This is a GDI HD radiator for the ZR2 specific
I paid $220, yours $175

Full set of OEM ZR2 lugnuts & covers $20 + shipping

Buyer pays shipping. Check my ebay feedback for "reassurance"

I have sold the rims, FIPK, floor mats and several other things
Drop me an email with any questions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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