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Something to consider before you buy your next speaker

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not all 2 or 3 way speakers are what they say they are. Check those small tweeters, stick a finger behind them and search for a wire. Alot of the cheaper brands , or even the higher end ones that sell a cheap speaker may only be a 1-way with a piece of plastic in front of the midbass , or a 2 way with a mid driver and midrange and a fake tweeter! I dont know how they are getting away with it but they are so beware
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care to drop any names of companies doing this?
i have some infinitis... sound good to me...

but ya... drop the dime!! what are the brands?
good tip scott. i never had to worry about this since all i've ever run are infinity components. except for the kappa 4x6 but i think those are two way and infinity is pretty reputable.
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