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sony digital handycam

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im selling my sony cause ive only used it once and i do more still shots then video so im going to just buy a digital camera this unit comes with all listed features------;sid=J9h_-woSPlh_2kqj3zp18EUciUjpL7mIvLw=?ProductSKU=DCRTRV460&Dept=dcc&CategoryName=dcc_DICamcorders_Digital8HandycamCamcorders plus an awsome case that holds everything for it plus tapes remote regular cameras and it is not a big bulky case it can just hold a lot it also comes with 5 digital 8 tapes for video that hold 90 min. a memory stick for still shots it hold about 150 pics remote (brand new 399.99 with out any shipping charges) mine used once and you cant even tell it was used looks brand new

$315.00 shipped
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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