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Spacers are on

2702 43

After: 15mm up front 10mm on the back - helps the offset of the factory wheels look alittle more aggresive

C&C welcome
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and by the way i absolutely love your car, it is my favorite M3 to date. My dad has a blue M5 and i am i love with driving it as it is a stick. please tell me that yours is a stick...
it is 6speed manual.. the (Im assuming it's an e39 you are talking about) M5 is abeast, I'd love to have one in the family.
I think it looks much sportier.
yeh for sure
the wider stance is much better
It looks tits. Def got the "holy shit" factor goin on :head:
holy shit factor! sweet
looks allright but i hate the use of spacers... i just dont trust them
ohh these can be trusted, they are Rogue Engineering i.e. the best ones you can get, (I hope I can trust em haha)
Thats a tremendous looking trophy you got there.
oooooo k?

Very nice. Much much better
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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