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It would of been the first and last time I had to lower down my spare tire and had to put it on due to a flat. But I must have over-cranked when I raised the spare back up. Its been a while now since I tried messing with my spare tire, I couldn't get it to lower or anything. So did I strip or screw up something up inside the winch?

I came across FrostBite's thread on things he had for sale and had a used one he wanted to sell and thought about picking it up. Should I? Is my original one all F'd up? And how big of a job would it be to replace those winches with the spare still on it? I plan on putting on my body lift real soon so getting at it during that might not be a problem. Need a second opinion, thanks.

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I know mine cannot be overcranked. Sometimes, there's a double lock to it. The manual says to put the wheel chocks together and use the jack, on top of those, and push up against that bolt/spring looking part.

1. Check under the vehicle to see if the cable end is
If the cable is not visible, proceed to Step 6.
2. If it is visible, first try to tighten the cable by turning
the wheel wrench clockwise until you hear two
clicks or feel it skip twice. You cannot overtighten
the cable.
3. Loosen the cable by turning the wheel wrench
counterclockwise three or four turns
4. Repeat this procedure at least two times. If the
spare tire lowers to the ground, continue with
Step 5 of Removing the Spare Tire and Tools on
page 5-94.
5. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until
approximately 6 inches (15 cm) of cable is exposed.
6. Stand the wheel blocks on their shortest ends, with
the backs facing each other.
7. Place the bottom edge
of the jack (A) on the
wheel blocks (B),
separating them so that
the jack is balanced
8. Attach the jack handle, extension, and wheel
wrench to the jack and place it (with the wheel
blocks) under the vehicle towards the front of the
rear bumper.
9. Position the center lift point of the jack under the
center of the spare tire.
10. Turn the wheel wrench clockwise to raise the jack
until it lifts the end fitting.
11. Continue raising the jack until the spare tire stops
moving upward and is held firmly in place. The
secondary latch has released and the spare tire is
balancing on the jack.
12. Lower the jack by turning the wheel wrench
counterclockwise. Keep lowering the jack until the
spare tire slides off the jack or is hanging by
the cable.
13. Disconnect the jack handle from the jack. Carefully
remove the jack from underneath the vehicle.
14. Use one hand to push against the spare while
firmly pulling the jack out from under the spare
tire with the other hand.
If the spare tire is hanging from the cable, insert the
hoist handle, extension and wheel wrench into
the hoist shaft hole in the bumper and turn
the wheel wrench counterclockwise to lower the
spare the rest of the way.
15. Tilt the retainer at the
end of the cable and
pull it through the
wheel opening. Pull the
tire out from under
the vehicle.
16. Turn the wheel wrench clockwise to raise the cable
back up if the cable is hanging under the vehicle

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I cranked mine up to far without a tire on it and mine locked inside, just used a pair of pliers squeezed it and the silver part came out.

I dont know how you would get it off the truck with a tire on. Its only held on with one bolt though...maybe let the air out to relieve pressure

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Thanks for the help/information guys. :shake: I'll check into it the next time I work on my pickup, its one thing that I keep overlooking and know it will come back to bite me in the ass whenever I do need to use the spare ever again until its fixed.

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I had a flat when I first got my truck with those POS tires and could not get it down either. I left it on the jack some one gave me a ride to get the tire fixed.

Dealer told me bouncing down roads and stuff can make some thing slide out and its like being in nuetral... still have not gotten it fixed. Just bought new tires.
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