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I am planning on updating my factory speakers real soon and would like some advice. The guy at best buy said I have 4x6s in the back and 5 1/4 in the front w/ 3" tweeters above them. I have some pioneer 2-way 5 1/4s I bought on clearance for $20, but can return them if they aren't any good. I have been looking around and see alot of pics of what looks like bigger (maybe 6x9s) in the back and maybe 6 1/2 and 5 1/4s and a small tweeter in the front doors. Would it be easy to make that many speakers fit in the front door? What about using a 6 1/2 component kit in the front, and 4x6s in the back. I don't want to half ass it, and want it to sound real good. I currently have a pioneer 7300 7" indash head unit, JL 500/1 amp, and 2 JL 10w0s in custom boxes. Thanks for the help.
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if i were u, i would go with some decent pioneer 6.5's in the doors. i have an ok set of pioneers 2-ways (around 60 bucks online) in my doors without an amp and they sound great. also, for a little mroe money, ive heard nothing but good things about the infiniti kappa component speakers. they are probably worth checking out.

if you wanted more midrange sound, you could invest in some kickpanels. they involve a lot more work, but would be worth it in the end. that would be a good place to put a 5.25 and a tweeter.

i have an obs gmc and i know i couldn't fit the magnet of anything bigger than a 4x6 for the rears. from what i have seen, i dont think nbs is any different. i do recommend u invest in some good 4x6s because i ahve some cheap pioneers that dont sounds great when cranked up compared to the rest of my stuff.

i have a pair of the same subs u got in a box i made. how do they do with that much wattage running to them? i only have 150 apiece running right now. how long have u been running them with that much power?
Thanks for the help guys. I have been running the 10w0s like that for around 3 months now and they sound great. I think I am going to go w/ some good 4x6s in the back, been looking at the pioneer 3-ways. I think for now I am going to use 5 1/4s in the front doors and see how it sounds. Do you really think that I should amp the door speakers? How big of an amp would I need to do the 4 speakers? Thanks
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