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**SPECIAL*** I have 6 bottles available

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You'll have to pm me if you want one of these,.. this price isnt available through the site. I am willing to run a quick special on some poorboys polish with sealant v2. I will only run this for the first 6 bottles sold, so if you want one, dont hesitate b/c I cant keep them for sale at this price. Regular
price is 16.95, but I'll let em go at 12.00 ea. Remember, first come first serve.

Polish with sealant is an easy to use product that cleans, seals and protects, all in one step. Polish with Sealant is designed for detailiers and people with new or well maintained cars looking for an easy way to remove fine scratches, light oxidation, normal wear and tear from every day driving and maintenance of their vehicles. Polish with Sealant can be applied by hand or machine with relatively little or no effort. Polish with Sealant can be applied as often as needed without buildup. One coat can last up to three or four months with proper maintenance. For vehicles with deeper scratches or heavy oxidation, we recommend our SSR line prior to using polish with Sealant. Polish with Sealant can also be topped with either waxes or other sealants if desired for a deeper, wetter and longer lasting shine.
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Would this be used before the wax coat or after? How much is shipping?
You can top this with a carnuba or sealant if you'd like for additional protection. Shipping to md is probably about 8 or so.
Tell ya what. If anyone purchasing one of these bottles decides they want to pick up a canuba or sealant to top the pws with for added protection, I will offer a deeper discount. SO, if you get a polish w/ sealant at the special price, I will offer the following products at 20% off. Remember, this is only valid if you are buying one of the 6 available bottles on special. A couple are already spoken for too, so dont wait :) again, pm or email for this special.......
Nattys paste wax (regular or blue)
Carnuba Moose Wax
Yellow Cream Wax
EXP (I like to top one steps like pws w/ this product)
Optimum Car Wax
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