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SS cap and DJM LCA's for sale

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DJM A-Arms $115+shipping
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Do you have a pic of the SS cap? How would you reattach it? Double sided tape? You can email ([email protected]) them to me or post them....whichever...

Thanks :D
Here are some pics I took when I first put it up for sale. It will need repainted to look good.


See less See more you know how to reattach it? Would you use double sided tape or does it screw on somehow? :think: I'm really in the dark...and that is really the only holding me up on making a decision. You said the paint was cracked, but the piece itself is fine right? No cracks or anything in the plastic itself....
Yep. When I bought it brand new it had double sided tape to attach it. I got a roll around here some where I will give with the cap. The cap it self if fine the paint just had some stress marks where I had to pull so damn hard to get it off.
Why did you end up wanting to get rid of the cap? It looked good on your truck :imo
It didn't fit good with the rivets in the gate but I drilled them out after I took it off and I bought a relocater and I plan to shave it if this ever sells.
any reason for sellin the djms?
Yep, I am getting spindles and springs to get my 4" of front drop.
Now I know some one needs some drop arms. :think:
You have no idea how tempted I really am. I just need to sell my denalis first. :crazy:
OK last time on the lca's $180 shipped. Final TTT
How about $150+shipping. This is what I paid for me and put new ball joints in that have less then 100 miles on em.
oh ya, intrested in selling your tailgate handle and bezel?
Tailgate cap yes, tailgate handle and bezed no.

Sorry for delay, I didn't even see that any one had posted.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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