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SS Tailgate Cap

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I know a couple of you guys (Steve being one of them) have a SS tailgate cap and I was thinking of looking into one for my new rig. Does anyone have a p/n for a red one? Also, do these come smooth from the factory, or do they have a slight texture to them (like the SS tailgate handle)? I can't get close enough to an SS in my area to find out for myself, so any help would be appreciated.

If I decide later on to get a bed cover, am I am going to have to take off the cap so a over the rails cover will fit?

Thanks :rocking:
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it comes smooth and painted... It depends on what bedcover you get whether or not the cap will clear, but I've seen an SS with a bedcover and the Cap was still on.

I don't know what the P/N for the red one is, but just find a Red SS on Ebay or selling somewhere and get the Vin # from that.

here are two Vin #'s from Red SS's:

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