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Started to debadge

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Well I looked around town for the eraser wheel. The only place that carries it Oreillys wants 35 for it. So I will be ordering that. I started with the huge metal badge on the tailgate. Well I lift up the rh bottom corner about 6 inches in a flake of paint comes off. Ohh shit what a way to start. I inspect and it has a bare spot about 2 x 2 inches. So apon further investigation I see that it has exfoliation under the paint in about 3 inches in either direction so that will make my touch up interesting.
Does anyone have anytips on how to touch up and fix the corrosion and bare spot. I debated just sanding down whats bare right now and painting. I can always just get another tail gate if it gets worse. ON Ck resto its only 75 without handles latches etc. How should I go about fixing the bare spot? I was thinking just sanding off the corrosion. Getting a piece of cardboard and cutting a hole the size of the spot and just doing it with some auto spray pain and clear coating it. Let me know though if anyone has better ideas.
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Touch up will be too much. You have to deal with the corrosion first and make your way up. Done incorrectly, you will regret it. At that size, it is work that has to be done. Guess a lot depends on what your plans for the truck are and what you use it for. Rattle can is at the bottom of the list. Replacement at the top. Tough call on what's in the middle to be done.
honestly, i say start calling up some junkyards and look for an oem one from a work truck... they only come with the lettering on the back and you can probably find one that's black for around 100-150
Well I was at the u pull it yard yesterday. All of their shit is beat all to hell. I am going to try areound a bit more. CK resto does have a replace one without handles and latches which I have already on mine so a quick swap. I was just thinking of buying pain supplies and just repainting it and my grill when I go back home in August. Hes got the tools I just need to bring the supplies. He hasnt painted anything in years though so I think I will be on my own. I know its gonna be a PITA to sand all that shit though.
On another note, I wonder how much a shop would charge to paint the grill clip and tailgate just a black should be reasonable.
maybe 400... i was quoted 250 for just painting a bumper cover...
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