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Just a buddies truck that I helped lower....I figured I would share the setup he went with.

2008 Sierra Denail AWD 6.2

4/7 drop
24" Dub Balla Rims on 295/35/24 tires
MCG spindle / lowering spring
Bilstein 5100's f/r. Front is on 2nd setting on strut.
SPC 86320 locking cam plates
SPC 86375 cam bolts
Belltech offset 3 degree UCA bushing
Moog problem solver upper/lower ball-joints
Belltech 6l80 trans spacer
MCG C-notch
MCG flip kit
MCG / Firestone airbag helpers

*future plans include f\r hellwig sways.


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Looks great. It's taking a lot for me to not drop my truck, but looking at pic like these do not help at all!

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your truck look nice.

I am in search of some help. I have a 2011 gmc denali awd. I just put a 5/7 drop on it. I had to lift the front up about a inch dew to me running stock wheels still. well I seem to have problems with the abs if I press the brakes the tires want to lock up.
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