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2005 ecsb 5.3 Z71--Steering pump reservoir has been running low from a leak between the steering pump/resevior to the steering box. Can't source the leak. Wondering what could be causing the grinding/groaning besides the leak? Grinding/groaning at all RPMs, but obviously more prominent at lower speeds.How much is it going to set me back to repair everything necessary?

Also need to do the brakes on my truck, need advice on upgrades on best rotors/pads to go with. Daily driven, few towing or loads, just a quad or lumber here and there.
Could I also get a STRAIGHT answer on whats needed to swap the rear drums to disc. Searched and read over several posts, but no CLEAR answer whats needed. Just brackets/rotors/calipers? whole new axle with disc assembly already included? What needs to be swapped around for the emergency brake assembly as well?

thank you!

I don't know about the brakes, but about the steering...

The groaning is usually the sound the pump makes when it's low. It will also make the sound if there is a bunch of air in the fluid. Reman pumps cost ~$70+core. You should only have to replace that if it's the only thing leaking and the lines are fine. If the pump is in fact on the way out, I would drain and fill the system.
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