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Steps for lifting

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Ok so I just wanted to go over everything one more time before I do the lift in a week first of all I am gonna do the bl first I unbolt all the mounts, lift one side, slide in the new mounts, repeat on other side, then tighten all right? Then for the suspension lift for the rear I just remove tires, take off ubolts and lower axle on jack stands, add the blocks, put it all together. Ok now whats the process for the front what should I take off before what?
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I think the directions would be a good thing to give a looksy at dude! :anitoof:

My personal steps were, call the shop, set up a time, drop off truck, take wallet out of pants, remove money from wallet, pick up truck, and whalla its lifted. :crazy: :LOL:

Sorry, i actually dont know, but good luck w/ the lift installs, only one way to find out how to do something, just do it. :rocking:
Yea man, Like I said instructions are your friend. I included the instructions for the Upper control arm and some for the spindle and coil install. The body lift if new will have instructions. go step by step and makr them off as you do them. Dont jump ahead or you will have problems since this is your first time.

It took me 2 days to install the body lift and the cst kit. This was mainly by myself with no help. Also didnt work more then maybe 7hours each day on it. So being your first time and if you need your truck monday for work I would have a backup plan just incase it takes longer then it did me so you wont be stranded with no ride...

Other then that use the INSTRUCTIONS :read: and you wont have a problem. If you do post up on the net and we can help you...
Yea I didnt think the instructions would be that detailed thats why I asked but I guess they are.. I shouldnt have too many problems then lol. Also Thanks to Aberbaseball07 you were a great person to deal with about buying that lift. I will make sure I take plenty of pictures of the process as we go just to help others that might want to lift their trucks on their own as well.
Puttin a body lift on isn't hard...just time consuming. You have the basic idea, but check the instructions for some of the little details, like detaching the gas filler neck, the rod for the spare tire, that sorta stuff, and they also tell you a lot of the harnesses you have to check slack in...but if you have any questions while ur doin it, fell free to ask us, theres tons of guys on here that have installed them, including myself.
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