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I'm wanting to install an AVIC-F900BT into my 2009 2500 Crew C. This is a new truck and from the research I've done it's much more complicated than my 2003 because of the onstar, blue tooth steering wheel controls etc...

My truck does not have Bose, it's just the standard stock speakers. Here is what I would like to accomplish:

-Maintain Onstar
-Maintain door charms and backing assist
-Maintain steering wheel controls
-maintain bluetooth control from the steering wheel.

(basically trying to keep everything working like stock)

Eventially I'm going to bypass the stock speakers and use an amp with the outs of the AVIC-F900BT, I will probably disconnect my rear speaker or maybe fade them way down IMO I don't need them. I'm not sure if this is important to note with the door chimes and onstar.

I do appreciate any help or input! Also one hell of a great site!!! This is my first Chevy and infact I don't get it till Friday because they are painting the bumper/grills, putting in leather, and doing the balancing lift at the dealership.
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