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Stock OBS door speakers cutting out

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I can't find really what I'm looking for with a search. I was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and what they did. Sometimes they will come back on if I hit a bump or turn the radio up loud, which is ridiculous. I have the passenger side panel off and trying to move wires and what not around to simulate a bump in the road. Nothing. :think: After typing this, could it possibly be the plug in the back of my radio? That's aftermarket. I have a sub I want to hook up but what's the point if the rest of my setup doesnt work. Grrrr, any help is appreciated. :worship:

:think: Matt
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It's very possible that it could be behind the deck. Pull it out and let it play as you move the wires around. Or, it could just be the speaker going bad, but I doubt it. Sounds like more of a wiring issue to me
Can't blame the wires! Only the one who hooked them up :read:

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