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Stock Silverado Parts, dual shocks, bumper, wheels

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Cleaning out the garage, I have quite a few things to sell.

Steps- They came off either a Dodge or a Chevy but the fit should be universal, might have to drill a hole or two, but they are in good shape. $35

17x10 American Racing Atlas Wheels- Theses came off the 37's I just mounted, so the tires are not included although they are in the picture. They are dismounted and ready to go, they are in good shape, no major rashes or anything. I can get better pictures of these. $325 for all 4.

Silverado Rear Bumper- Came off a 2005, it was replaced with a Ranch Hand Rear. Its in really good condition, no dents or scrapes and it comes with the brackets and pads. The pad has one corner thats chewed up a bit but its not even noticeable much when its on the truck. $175

Dual Shock Hoops with MX-6 shocks- These came off a 1997 yukon so they should fit the 88-98 trucks and yukons/tahoes. $275

88-98 CV shafts- These came off the same 1997 yukon so im assuming they will fit the 88-98 trucks as well. $50 for both

F-150 truck bed extender- Random? yes. but its for the 06-08 ford trucks, brand new too. Came out of the truck with only 2 days on it so it looks great. $125

Spare Tires- First is off my truck ($40) second one is a 38 inch swamper on a stock chevy spare, 16 inch ($40)

I can ship the smaller things, I would prefer not to shop the bumpers and such. I am located in College Station, Texas.
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Man if you would come down on the price for the dual shock setup major I would take it off your hands, but I can't justify it just for looks.
More pics of the legs of the chick on the deck
pm sent

edit- not about the legs
the steps I might be interested in
the steps I might be interested in
come get em, its been a while since we've had a beer with ya
price on rear lower bumper plastic? if u decide to part it
come get em, its been a while since we've had a beer with ya
Call/text me back biatch
Still have the bumper?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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