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Stripped wheel thread

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So i was changing my tires today and using a battery powered impact wrench. While i was putting the lugs back on, i had the impact wrench going the wrong direction, i caught it quickly (only a second or two) but i think i fucked up the first few threads on the stud and the lug nut i tried to put on has all its threads pretty well fucked.

first off, the front is a 10 bolt, is it easy enough to just change the wheel stud or can i get a die and run it down the stud to fix the threads? like i said, its only the first few threads on the stud. If i can get a die, does anyone know the threading
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I just had to replace a stud on my jeep, it's not that hard. All I did was take the brake caliper off, then pull the rotor, then you can hammer out the bad stud (they are just pressed in). Then get your new stud put it in and use a bolt and a spacer to tighten it down and press it back in.
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