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ive got alot of stuff taking up space around the house and i need to get rid of it. ill post pictures as soon as photobucket stops freezing up on me.

1. Magnaflow muffer Part#11225. It was on the truck for 2 days then swapped back to stock. $50 + shipping


2. (1) Audiobahn 12'' sub. In the truck for a month or two. Still in perfect condition. $50 + shipping.

3. 50X2 amp. nothing big but it pushed that one 12 decent. Sony. $40 + shipping. ill throw in the wiring kit i used with it also.

4. PS2 - Like new. Comes with, 1 controller, 2 memory cards, all cables, splinter cell double agent, nascar 06, nhra drag racing, ncaa football 05 & 06, madden 05, nba live 06, splinter cell book. not the slim version. $225 + shipping.


5. Desktop Computer - Dell. its got a 17'' flat screen, 5 speakers with sub, wireless mouse and keyboard, perfect condition. pm for specs on it. $400 + shipping.

like i said ill post pics as soon as photobucket lets me. ive got some more stuff to post just have to find it all.
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