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stupid brake tricks

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ok....stupid do i go about putting on stainless brake lines...i know i gotta drain the fluid and then put em on and then refill them then bleed em...but how?
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im not sure if the new trucks are the same but mine were very simple

the front had 2 and the rear had one
for the fronts they were attached to the caliper with a single bolt (with a hole in it to let the fluid through) and then they were connected up in the wheel well to the hard line on the frame
back was attached to a block on top of my pumpkin that split it to both sides and then connected to the hard line on the frame above

just remove to old ones, connect the new ones, and then bleed the brakes

mine would have been extremely simple if my truck wasnt almost 20 yrs old, cause i ended up breaking a petcock off and haveing to replace one of my cyclinders on the back, plus i broke one of the hard lines in the front and had to replace that too

spary them with liquid wrench a couple times before you do it and you shouldnt have this problem plus your truck is alot newer so you shouldnt have to worry as much
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