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I've got 2 4'x8' MDF sheets in my garage and im ready to start building my center console...i have a couple of questions before i go to town with the router and bandsaw.

I was wanting to build my sub box into the back 1/4 of the console. I was going to mount the amp on a recessed area on the back of the center console (the back wall on my reg cab) to make it flush and not have wires going everywhere. I was going to have it "step down" 3 times and on the first step down (again starting at the backwall) was going to put a plexi window in there with some red "hott wirez" lighting to illuminate the subs.

My question is: how much airspace do i need for 2 10" Rockford Fosgate P2's? There 500 watts each running at 4ohms and how do i calculate the space needed for them? Behind eah seat just isn't working...i have the same problem as most other reg cab guys...lots of massaging, just no bass on the outside of the truck.

I'll post up my photoshop design if needed as well to give ya'll a better idea.


is awesome
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dude matt when did you build that?
looks cool
the 10's are down fireing im assuming?

here is my center console/sub box
holds one 12 and 2 6" 3 ways
really loud inside, helps that the port come up right by your ear
going to be glassing it over my oct. break
(ill have to take an updated pic then)
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