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I just finished installing my new subs and amp today, but when I turn on my truck the subs make a small pop when everything turns on. Anyone no the cause of this and how I can fix it?
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does your radio have a remote turn-on , or is it a stocker? You might need a pulsed timer relay to delay the turn-on a little longer
My new head unit did that, but the stereo shop fixed it (I think they had to install something extra) and tuned my shit... now my system ROCKS! :ROCKING:
No, my radio isn't stock, its a Clarion DXZ845MP. The stereo shop I bought it from said you will get a little pop from the subs probably, its just from having a huge amp. He said something about the delay as well. What do you think???
usually its from more than one piece soming on at the same time. If you run the remote to the red wire on the radio it might fix it, but it wont come on/off after the radio like it does now and you might get turn off pop instead of turn on
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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