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Subs behind ext. cab seat?

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I just wanted to know if anyone has put subs behind the back seat of an ext. cab. I like the space under my seat and it would be more stealth like if i could fit some behind the back seat. I know i would have to take it out and put it back in to do this but has anyone done it? If so pics please!
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I haven't looked behind there, but surely there's not enough room to put subs back there.
no you have about 4" so there's no way in hell.

My amp barely touches the seat and it's 2.5" thick
just put one sub under the seat or you're pretty much SOL
not to be a dick but dont you think if this was possible you would have heard about it already.... on the other hand you could do a blowthrough..
not unless you do some crazy mods to move the seat forward or something and then it wont be as stealth and no one could sit back there cuz their legs wouldn't fit.
Yea i didnt think anything would really fit back there but it was worth the ask.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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