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Super Swamper help

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I am curious how the super swampers deal with mostly highway driving. I am looking for a tire that will be good for on-road use and still have a slightly aggressive tread pattern so the truck doesn't look ****. I am going to go with the fabtech 7.5" suspension lift and a 3" body lift. I was thinking about 37s or 38s. Do you think I can fit these? and what do you suggest to be good tires that wont break the bank? Thanks.
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First you wont fit 37s por 38s, not even close. I would do a 36 MAX on a 2wd with 10". Also if your doing all highway you dont want swampers for sure. You also didnt specify what kind of swamper. The STS radials might work for you, but I wouldnt touch anything else unless you plan on really using it offroad alot. Also look into the procomp x-terrains, agressive pattern, wear and handle excelent on the road.
I wont even fit 37s? i've had tons of people saying i could fit 38s. thanks this is good to learn before I buy anything. Yes it is 2wd and I as looking at the thornbird and the Radial ssr
Well I am a newb so still learning here, just trying to gather some info. Thanks so you think 36's are the biggest I can go?
I am suprised because the description on website says with the 7.5" I could fit 35s.

what are you're thoughts?
Thornbirds are not the tire you want. I would vote SSR's of all the ones talked about above. But they do not come in a 36" if that is what you are shooting for. They go from 35 right to 37.
Vhato said you can expect to get a good 30,000 or more miles out of a set of SSR's b/c he is on his second set. And that is good for any swamper IMO.

I also agree that 36 is about the biggest you can go. But you do have an OBS so you might be able to clear a 37 but I highly doubt it.
If it were me, i would go with 35s, maybe 36s...its not all about fittin tires under the truck...ive seen someone who cranked thier TBs on stock susp on a Z71 and ran 36s...didn't cut too much, but it rubbed on everything and i imagine it wasn't a good daily driver. I like tires that you can fit easily w/o lookin crammed, which would make me choose 35s...36s will fit too, but IMO it doesn't look as good as the 35s...but don't go with anything larger than will regret it and wish you had never bought them...
I run the 7" CST and 3" body on my 2wd. Running 36-12.50 on 10" rims and only rub on my massive GMC bumper in the front. I have good clearence at the rear of my front fenders. I dont think I could do 37's at all. It would be so close and would rub alot but the rubbing prolly wouldnt hurt anything but it would still rub.

The TSL radial or the SSR is the only swamper that is agressive that I would run on the highway. I have been told I can expect the same 30K out of my TSL radial from someone on their second set. Its all up to you.
I thought OBS had more clearance than the NBS style trucks?
moose54 said:
I thought OBS had more clearance than the NBS style trucks?
Not by much, not as much as your talking at least.
surprised no one has mentioned trXus MTs yet. they're by far the most street-friendly swamper i've driven, and they still look pretty mean.
Well not many people have ran them would be the reason no one has talked about them. I have ran Mickey thompson MTX, X-terrains, MT/R, PJ Dirt Grip, Trxus STS, Boggers, and now TSL radials. So those are the only tires I can comment on. And all those besides the TSL radial was on one one ride in about a year LOL
Is there anyone with a lifted OBS 2wd truck that has any input, not the doubt you guys but i am getting two very different sides, I talked to Bryan from Intro Wheels said I would fit 38s. and you all are saying 35s which is a major difference.
Well if u do take a look at Aberbaseballs truck and read what dark eternal said, you will see that DE said there is a tiny bit more clearance, but not enough to make the difference from 36s to 38s...that would take a lot of clearance. if you wanna pull the sawzall out and cut away, hell, u could fit 44s, but if u wanna keep ur fenders intact and maybe want to acutally use the truck some, just get 35s. 36s look crammed on Aberbaseballs truck (which actually looks good to me on that truck) but it looks like they would rub a lot offroad, if u ever went offroad...i just think 38s on 10 inches of lift on a 2wd is not doesn't happen much on ive said before, i think you would be much happier with 35/36" tires...
Ok let me explain. 2wd trucks are 2-3" shorter than a 4x4s in most cases. On an OBS a 6" lift and 3" bodylift barely fit 38s, I wouldnt do it because its just to crammed. Now your 2-3" lower, see what im saying? Also why cram 38s under there that will just wear out your suspension faster? The heavier the tire the moer wear and tear you will have. If you want big go ahead and get some 36x14.50s, you can probably fit them with a little trimming and they will look pretty damn big on your truck, trust me on this one.
its gonna be a street queen. Like 98% of all trucks in cali, it will never be wheeled. His question was how big a tire can i fit? Not how big a tire would you run. Anyone have experience with a OBS truck lifted? I know for sure i have no idea about it, and i asked bryan for him. I guess he wanted to see what you guys had to say. I'm done with my piece, i never post in this forum anyways, mostly b/c all of this SFA, IFS, STS, TSL, A/T crap confuses me
ive seen an OBS 2wd lifted 6+3 with 36x12s. i used to see him in the parkin lot at work all the time and now way could he fit any bigger of a tire. with a 7.5+3 you might get away with a 37x12 if you trim a little bit. 38x15s are HUGE. if a 4x4 truck needs 10-11 inches to fit a 36x14, how on earth can you plan on doing it with a 2wd???
I would say go with a 35 or a skinny 36. I personally would go with the wider 35's and such if I were you. I would look into either the Trxus muds, STS radials, or the SSR's. Also the TSL radials should last you a decent amount as well man.
I have some swampers now, I would say dont get them if all your going to do is highway. It sounds like a damn jetplane at speed. Which ill admit is cool. Even more so when you roll next to someone who is totally clueless and has their windows down..........then they hear waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...zooooooooooooooom

Id have to look and see how many miles I have on mine, but they are wearing rather well, better then I had expected. I went from BFG muds to radial tsls. The muds were great on road, and off. The tsls, and better off road, but like i said louder on road. Im guessing if your just doing street driving your going to have a stereo system , so it wouldnt matter either way.
I had a 95 C1500 with 6" fabtech and 3" body lift and road down the road on 35x13.5 baja claw bias plies fine but off road they rubbed like hell. I cut 3" off the back of the fenders and about 3" off the front bumper and fender to keep it from rubbing over small stuff. When I got really twisted it was really bad rubbage...
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