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Super Swamper SSR 38x15.50x17 $800.00

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...okay folks...for those that know me from you are aware that my Tahoe is brand new and I just had these SSR's put on maybe 2 months ago...these tires have maybe 2000 miles on them and still have the prickly deals on the sides... all seriousness this width was TOO WIDE for my rig and it tracked funny due to the short wheelbase of my tahoe...they have never been off-road and only have fwy someone will benefit from my misfortune...even as a spare set or just looking to upgrade to a bigger size...bums me out since these balanced without any problems and is the size I wanted...

Basically I am listing these on the, Recycler, and here so whoever can up with the $800 first for all 4 of them (plus shipping) they will be sold...or if you are local in So Cal we can arange pick-up and I can also accept payment via PayPal... :shake:

Take care
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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