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Super truck exhaust

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Does anyone know where i can find the gibson super truck exhaust for an 08 regcab 4.8 or one like it?
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Why not just buy the muffler, and the tip, then take it to an exhaust specialist and have him bend the pipes the way you want and go completely custom? Just curious. I'm sure you have you'r reasons, but just bein curious. lol:hmm:
Thats just what im gonna do I think.
Yeah, and if you do that, you have the ability to choose a different muffler if you want. You also choose what looks best, such as direction of exit, angle, location, heck you could go so far as to have a fabricator make you your own tip!:hmm: Cuz all it is is a square box with a round end on it, so you could go nascar style! lol!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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