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superlift driveshaft??

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ive been told, that if i buy CST, i can save a few bucks by getting the superlift driveshaft instead of CST. where would i go to get this, and how much would it cost me?
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any dual cardon shaft will work, call 4wp (yeah I know) and just ask them for thew dual cardon shaft for a procomp or superlift for your truck. As simple as that. You can even take your current shaft and just have it lengthened by about 2" and it will work and be even cheaper.

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Kyle said:
you wont ever use your 4wd anyways josh :nono:
LMFAO. i like using the autotrac.. i may not wheel all the time like some people, but i paid a shitload for the option, so im gonna connect it. :LOL:
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