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Surestart Code Alarm

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~Two easy to use weather resistant remote controls
~Protects All Vehicle entrances protected.
~also flashes the the vehicle parking lights Starte Disable- Disables the the started when the system is armed
~Infra-red impact Sensor- Detects impacts associated with attempted intrusion.
~Remote Keyless Entry-Conveniently locks and unlocks vehicle doors and opens the tunk via remote control.
~Personal Protection Features
~Remote Panic alarm
~Headlight control, Illuminates entry, Car finder
~Interior status indicator- interior led showing that your alarm is armed
~Remote Start- Allows you to warm up your vehicle and preheat or precool the interior with the touch of a button.
~Max Range Antenna- allows you to operat the alarm at a distance of 500 feet or less. Through walls, etc.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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