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Suspension guru.....need incite

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k, i have a 4/6 2"spindle and 2" coil...and 6" flipkit with shock extenders.

now i need new shocks and want to run adjustable ones for better weight transfer at the track.

NOW...i know you can run stock shocks on a 2/ do you think i can run "stock" shocks on ym 4/6...heres my thinking

I basically have a 2" drop worth of susepnsion out front cause a 2" spindle doesn't change travel of the suspension, just raises the the fronts should be fine....

now the rear is my main is all stock with a flip kit...BUT has the longer shock you guys think i could get away with a stocker out back??? or is this just ridiclous to think so??
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i do not believe that a stock length shock will work out back.

if you want an adjustable shock, take you lowered shock you have now off, measure center to center length fully extended and fully collapsed. that will give you a good base to buy a new shock. just contact whoever the man is for ur adj and talk to them about what you have and your shock length and such.
stocks Up front is fine. I also use an adjustble in the rear $89 works just right on the 6'' drop
stock shocks wont work in the back, the extenders dont lengthen the travel, they just correct the angle
alright sounds good....thansk for nothing BADHABITDICK
bgray said:
You have to be joking me....Well id get the fuck off the forums if you dont want to help other people that share the same passion as you.

bgray said:
okay, who makes lowered adjustable shocks that you used?

bgray said:
so u used a stock length shock for the rear? whioch ones?
no, it is not stock length. it is the same length as the standard drop shocks.
I don't mean to be a prick here but I'd rather not say. It is kind of a trade secret, I'm not always like this but I've spent a lot of time researching to get it right. I know the idea behind the forum is to help fellow enthusiests, and I am trying to help. I just don't want to give it away so you can go make someone else money off of my research.

I will tell you that it is a name brand shock, and great quality.
Does any body else think bgray is a little out of line here or is it just me? I'm trying to help but aparently no the way he would like.
Trying to Help? How is telling me your not telling what kind of shocks to use helping me out???

If you want to not share information on the boards, then do not is the whole point of a message board.

By simplying saying i know and I wont Sir are being a Child
i agree kinda its like when you build an engine and you find the perfect combo of valves cc and cam and timing you dont want to just spill your beans cuz then there shit will be just as fast as yours. so if you found a shock that really kicks ass but not well known and is a decent price and he wont tell you then just buy them they are only $90. then you will know and can run and tell all your friends and you might then find out he was the one with the best price anyway:endofshow
I dont blame BHC for not telling what shock he runs in this thread. He has spent the time and money reasearching what shocks work best and finally found one. Now you have to pay him for the time and research to find out what shocks he runs. Its just how the industry works. Once someone reveals how they do something everyone else will make 24 different cheaper versions putting the original out of competition. But anytime you buy a product a portion of that money is for the time and research that it takes to find what works. And this is a case of it. So there is no need for calling him a dick for not telling you. Thats like me getting mad at mcdonalds because they wont give me the recipe for the big mac sauce so i can make it at home. They want my business not for me to do it myself. Just my .02 Tho
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Trying to Help? How is telling me your not telling what kind of shocks to use helping me out???

If you want to not share information on the boards, then do not is the whole point of a message board.

By simplying saying i know and I wont Sir are being a Child
wow...i cannot believe this....this is a good dam forum people...a place to help others....they are name brand shocks...i will get them for cost through my noit sellign them...just need to order two god dam shocks..

maybe i overreacted...but i figured it was a place to help people
plus he aint making the god dam shocks....there a name brand.....just need some incite
I gave you incite. you want adjustable shocks? I've got some I'll sell to you. If you don't want them from me find some for your self.

I've made quite a few posts on this forum trying to help people, you included. Sorry we don't eye to eye.
just run ranchos like bluecajun has. He has a 4" drop in the rear without problem. KYB gas ajust shocks work well too.
Insight. Not incite. :D
AHAHA alol...thats great....

I wanted to run the Rancho's, but there jsut going to hammer out witha 6" tho
Pro-Comp MX6058 for the 99-06
Pro-Comp MX6029 for the 88-99
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