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Suspension on 89 chevy 1500

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I need some advice and pics on bagging my 89 chevy 1500 2wd. Im thinking a 4 or 6 link. decent setup, not to hard to install. I can wire and plumb a kit easily but the suspension part is what i am unfamiliar with. Also will be putting 22's on truck and need to know what size i could run without rubbing inner wheel well lips, 8.5"? and the spacing/offset. Any advise or detailed pics and instructions would greatly help. I have spent the majority of my "PLAY" money on performance mods and am ready to start with the suspension in the next few months. My truck is a long bed, which i know is not the choice of most chevy truck guys but thats what i got for now.

I am a previous lowrider guy from 15 years back but really was amazed at the mini/full truck scene a few years ago and crossed over, now id like to build a nice street truck with bags. POST all detailed pics if you would and any advice. I am also doing a custom interior setup out of a 95 possibly and need to know if there is any modification i need to do to make the 95 door panels fit up to my truck.
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I'm baggin my 89 rcsb now. I just used a kp 4 link for the ease of instalation. Its a nice kit but if u can weld good enough just weld on ur own link. It'll be much cheaper. I'm pretty sure ur gunna have to remove ur inner fenders and notch the firewall for 22's along with ur frame but that's standard for any bagged job. When I get on my computer ill post for pics for you
Thanks, i also have a crazy question about the frame. I have the opportunity to get a short bed from a guy who wrecked his truck, i was wondering would it be easier to just swap my cab and motor etc. over to the new truck frame or modify my existing frame to accept the short bed.

I really wanted a short bed to begin with, but the long bed i got was in such good shape and the motor only had 90K miles on it. I didnt want to pass up this deal. Anyone out there ever done this before?
I'm not to sure exactly what would be easier but u could backhalf the frame u have now since u have to notch it anyways and just make it the right length to fit the shorter bed
i would take everything off the swb frame & bag it, then put your cab & front cap on it.

as far as the door panels, they will mount right but not line up with the older dash
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