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Swaping stock for stock cd's in a 09 Silverado

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I just bought a 09 LT Silverado with factory single disk cd/mp3. I'd like to switch it with a factory 6 disk cd. I know the older trucks had to have the BCM flashed to work with a new (different) stock radio. Is that the case with the 07+ as well? Naturally I'd like to just switch them out in my garage one evening and have everything work but my luck it isn't going to be that easy.
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I'm pretty sure it will need to be flashed. Just install it yourself and take it to the dealership :shrug:

I hope to swap my friend for his touch screen double din that he has in his truck but it has to be flashed to work for me. It’s just a security thing. It doesn’t take long to have it flashed.
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