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swapping in leather seats

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i have cloth seats now, and i want to swap in leather seats. i have powered front buckets (just 2 i have the real center console), and a rear bench, so is it just drop in for the 2 front leather buckets and rear bench? what about heated seats in the front, is there an electric hook up for them that is just plug and play?
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i think it is.....but not completely sure. Maybe somebody else could chime in that has done it.

But i am looking to upgrade to leather too with heated seats all around (like in the denali's) and i think its going to be more cost effective for me to get a leather kit with seat heaters and install them myself. From reading other peoples posts on here, the leather seat kits aren't too hard to install.....maybe you should research this option, unless you're getting one hell of a deal on some seats.

just a thought
you should be able to find the exact color code in your glove box on a sticker. it should be 3rd to last code i believe. (mine is dark graphite and the code in my glove box is 69I) hopefully this help when you go to look for color that matches you truck....and if you search the forum, im sure you will be able to double check where to find the code..
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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