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sway bars... do you know?

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well i have the hotchkis 2/4 drop w/ edelbrock ias shocks that are made for the drop.

i was wondering how much hellwig sways are and if you think they are better tan the hotchkis setup... which i know is awesome.. its just kinda expensive.

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I've heard the Hellwig bars are not exactly top quality (you get what you pay for)
I've read of several guys on different forums that they have to keep re-torquing the bolts on the Hellwig sways because they keep coming loose for some reason, and they squeek really loudly too. I personally don't know. My Hotchkis sways kick ass and I would recommend them to anybody.

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the hellwig was hell to install.... the bolts were to long, and i had to cut off the ends so i could finish tightening them.. i liked the way it handeled compared to my trucks ride though... i think he payed 175 for it BTW
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