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Sylvania Xenarc Free 30% more HID light mod

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I have this posted in members trucks section, but decided to move it here.

Fair Warning: This is not "street legal" But whose gonna know? :LOL:

What is happening: Removing black filament off 4300k D2S Philips HID bulbs for 30% more light.

What is needed: T27 screw driver, philips and flathead screw driver, a nice clean razor blade, rubbing alcohol and I recommend some DustOff.

First of all, the guy who runs (only automotive lighting distributor in the United States for both Sylvania and Philips) is the one who told me how to do this mod, and after I did it I definately DID notice more light - SO I'M NOT CRAZY! :crazy:

Now I assume those who have these headlights know a little bit about how to take them in and out, so I won't get too technical...

1.) Start out by removing the lamps, and getting the bulb in clear view, but still attatched to the housing.

2.) The bulb is extremely durable and hard, so proceed to scrape (very simple) the black filament (coating) off of the bulb. I suggest doing this over a paper towel or something, so that the debris doesn't fall back into the housing (although DustOff would take care of that).

3.) Blast the bulb, housing, and anything else that may have dust on it with the DustOff. If you don't have any DustOff on hand, simply blow the shit off. Then, using a soft paper towel, lightly wipe down the bulb with rubbing alcohol, which should dry in 2 seconds. And don't forget, there is no such thing as too much DustOff!

4.) Proceed with carefully putting everything back together, and installing the lamps back into place. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND (okay if you don't do it I'll hunt you down and shoot you :read: )THAT YOU AIM YOUR HEADLIGHTS after installing them! I believe HID performance is 40% bulbs, 40% housing, and 20% aiming!

AIM THEM DAMNIT! It will benefit you and other drivers, not to mention cops!

The bulb.. took 3 minutes to take out

Shaving black coating off..

Bulbs after blasting with DustOff and whiping with alcohol..

Good luck and please ask me if you have any questions before/during/after you do this mod.

Enjoy :cheers:

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a buddy of mine owns a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder, he opened up his headlights to take out that dome reflector thingie and then put it back together then he took the bulbs out and used sand paper to scrape off the grey stuff on the tips of the one has pulled him over. and people seem to get out of his way....except for me he was behind me once and my mirrors dimmed so it didnt effect me much.

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lol.. yeah you can do it with just about any light bulb that has filament on it.. just the HID bulbs are stronger. Why don't you guys aim them down a little on his Nissan or does he like to blind people? :LOL:
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