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T King's ruby ccsb nnbs

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Just picked up my first truck yesterday. It's a 2013 deep ruby metallic crew cab Silverado ltz 4x4. Got everything but z71, sunroof and factory nav. I have a lot of plans for the truck but progress will be slow since I'm a working college student without a large amount of funds to spend on the truck.

Here's some pics from as soon as I got it home from the dealership.

I'm planning to add a lot of black to the truck. It seems to complement the ruby imo. Here's a list of mods I want to do, and I'm always open to suggestions.

2.5" level
1.25" bl
BB Tune
Tint tails and 3rd brake light
Clear heads and maybe have inside painted black
remove valence and step bars
Find a different tonneau
Bilsteins and have black z71 stickers added
ditch the 3.08s for some 4.11s and trutrac
Interior LEDs
Subs - Sundown, JL?
Black bowties

Dropped the truck off for tint about 3 hours ago, should be done by tomorrow afternoon. After trading in my tinted car, I felt naked on the long drive home from Dayton, OH
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No more squintin, she dark

5% all the way around, 8" eyebrow
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Truck looks great! Has a ton of potiential, I love that color, but please reconsider all the black and go with stock lights and chrome accessories
I haven't ruled out anything yet. In the few days that I've had the truck, I have been considering changing from a black theme to adding/leaving chrome. It would also save me a lot $$$ to not go with all black as well. I just don't want to over-do it with the chrome lol

Appreciate all the love! Truck life is the way to go!
Got the step-up bars, front valence and license plate brackets taken off. Truck looks more aggressive imo and a little taller.

Ignore the all the dirt, it's the result of a wet night for a truck meet and about 40 trucks parading around Bloomington for a couple hours.
Truck meet down at the ol Rural King parking lot

Posted up lookin small next to my buddy's Cummins...

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