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TAil light question

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hey guys i see a lot of people with blacked tail lights, but ive only seen oneee person with cleared ones. Here is a picture.

Does anyone have more info on how to do this or know how ? Any info would help ? thanks.
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Those are illegal. Go to ebay and search for them.
thanks, just wondering why are they illegal ?
they have to have reflectors and red lens.
yeah cali dont like em but they are on ebay i had some on gray truck see sig link
that truck is a member on here somewhere........
one of my friends in pv had a set similar to those on his truck. he had the pure clears with the red reflectors, looked pretty good in my opinion. He sold it for an 04 cobra awhile ago.
i loved them on the gray truck i had the red and amber colored bulbs
in them

lit up real bright
thanks, just wondering why are they illegal ?
Cuz the popo says they look like poo
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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