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Tech2 and nelson`s tune

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to start off my father has been a service manager at a chevrolet dealership for 18 years, everybody wants to know if the tech2 will pickup the tune, the answer is NO.Today my father and I hooked up the tech2 and went for a drive.He checked every possible reading and not one reading was out of wack.This is proof yhat no dealer can tell whether you have a tune or not unless you tell them.This is something my dad wanted to know also just in case something happened to my truck before I sent my old pcm back, so now I`ll send it back .I hope this helps everybody who was holding out on getting a tune. Also according to the tech2 it showed 400 ft lbs of torque,I know it`s not a dyno but my dad said he has never seen the torque show that high, so he`s thinking at least a gain of 35 ft lbs of torque or more at the flywheel.Chevrolet claims 360 ft lbs of torque from factory. :head: :bowtie:
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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