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Technical questions and assistance with CARiD TechDesk

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Whenever we order some aftermarket car accessories or performance products we often think about two things.

1. How to get the right part for your model?
2. Hot to install it?

With CARiD Tech desk you do not have to worry about these sometimes complicated questions. Our experienced specialists will help you to find proper parts and verify fitment to avoid any troubles with miss-fitment and returns. If you chose to install the parts that you've ordered from us on your own, but faced any problem - you can always count on us!

Our Technical Support Team stands ready to assist you with all of your inquiries regarding fitment, installation instructions, and other issues. Tech Desk experts at CARiD have a real world experience as technicians, shop managers, car audio and electronics specialists, etc. Whatever question you have, contact us and we will get back to you via Email, Phone, or Chat:

Take a look at this YouTube video featuring our Tech Desk supervisor Greg Kopf to see who we are in real life and why are we here for:

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Sometimes tying down a load to your truck properly can become a real headache. Read our new technical overview of different types of tie downs and find out which one to choose for your strapping needs.

[MENTION=12243]Tim[/MENTION]w has no problem handling loads
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